Vi vs Jinx: Winner Revealed!

Votes are in! See who players declared the victor!
2 months ago

Piltover Enforcer vs Loose Cannon

Harrow, GypsyLord, and others weigh in on who they think would come out victorious in a battle between Piltover’s finest and worst.
2 months ago

Who Would Win? Vi vs Jinx

Watch the Piltover Enforcer trade blows with the Loose Cannon and select your winner!
2 months ago

Panda Annie and Firecracker Jinx: Explosive Duo

Panda Annie and Firecracker Jinx team up for this Lunar Revel tee, now available in unisex and women’s sizes in the Riot Merch store.
11 months ago

Firecracker Jinx Figure Rockets Into Lunar Revel

Rocket into Lunar Revel with the Firecracker Jinx figure, now available in the Riot Merch store. From 2/1 - 2/8, the purchase also unlocks the Firecracker icon.
11 months ago

Welcome to the Zombie apocalypse

It’s slay time!
1 year ago

Jinx, the Loose Cannon available now

Marvel at the mayhem and start your own crime spree as Jinx, the Loose Cannon! Add a feather to your crazy cap with Jinx and her Mafia skin until the end of the weekend.
3 years ago

Champion Spotlight: Jinx, the Loose Cannon

Marvel at the mayhem and start your own crime spree as the Loose Cannon in the Jinx Champion Spotlight.
3 years ago

League of Legends Music: Get Jinxed

Jinx's dreams come alive in a hexplosive sequence packed with bombs and bullets and her unique take on fun. Marvel at the mayhem in “League of Legends Music: Get Jinxed”.
3 years ago

Join us for a Jinx reddit AMA on 10.03

Jinx, the Loose Cannon, begins her latest crime spree in an upcoming patch. A few of the Rioters responsible for her particular brand of fun are hosting a reddit AMA this October 3rd at 11 AM PDT. Now’s your chance to extinguish your burning questions with buckets of bright pink paint.
3 years ago