Patch 7.1 notes

It’s a new year and we’re hitting the ground running!
1 week ago

Patch 6.24 notes

The last big patch of 2016!
1 month ago

Patch 6.23 notes

Our first pre-season follow-up patch brings Elementalist Lux and updates to Shyvana!
1 month ago

Patch 6.22 notes

Pre-season is upon us!
2 months ago

Patch 6.21 notes

Our last patch before pre-season!
3 months ago

Patch 6.20 notes

New champion on the Rift and old friends to the patch notes.
3 months ago

Patch 6.19 notes

Our focus returns to normal play this patch.
4 months ago

Patch 6.18 notes

We lock in our final balance changes for Worlds as something stirs in the Shadow Isles…
4 months ago

Patch 6.17 notes

Worlds tuning, part one. Read on for details on who’s being reined in and who’s being pushed up!
4 months ago

Patch 6.16 notes

6.16’s a small patch. Just read it!
5 months ago