Ethernet vs. WiFi: Ping, Packets, & Playing Better

It is a truth universally acknowledged that LAG SUCKS. Plenty of players experience ping spikes, lag, and full-blown disconnects all the time. But what if there was a quick fix for all your connection issues? For some players, there might be: switching from WiFi to an Ethernet connection when you play could have drastic results for your in-game experience.
1 week ago

Fan Artist Feature: Ze

In this feature we’re speaking to community artist Ze about her awesome collection of detailed League paintings and unique skin designs!
2 weeks ago

Live/Play Miniseries: Trailer

Live/Play Miniseries explores a world of stories sourced straight from the League community. Watch the premiere on August 4.
2 weeks ago

Find Your Lunch Table: Which Champs Are Friends?

There are plenty of perfectly valid ways to pick a champ, but what does your choice say about you? And, once you've found a champ that clicks, which other champs are you also likely to play, and what ties those champs together? Thanks to data that we gather during every game, we've found some answers.
2 months ago

PAX East cosplay recap

From the Cospitality Room to the uLoL showcase, join us in celebrating the amazing League cosplayers at PAX East this year!
3 months ago

Dev Blog: Classes & Subclasses

As League’s evolved, so have our design philosophies. Join lead Champion Update designer James “Statikk” Bach as he discusses our new approach to champion classes and subclasses - and how that’s informed our recent work on juggernauts and marksmen.
4 months ago

State of the Season: Coming up on mid-season

In the latest ‘State of the Season,’ Lead Designer Andrei ‘Meddler’ van Roon talks about the current state of the core Summoner’s Rift experience, including champion updates, champions, items, and game pacing.
4 months ago

Bard's Big Birthday Datapalooza

Bard's one-year anniversary is here, so we've gathered some data about the wandering caretaker's journeys through the Rift.
5 months ago

The Keybind Wars: Which Key is Best for Flash?

It's a question older than time itself. The sages say that in the age of the gods, when the world was still full of magic, great battles were fought to determine which key is best for Flash: D or F?
6 months ago

Champion Insights: Jhin

We started with a blank page, and ended with a killer. Here are the steps in between.
6 months ago