PAX East cosplay roundup

Check out a poro-sized sample of PAX East cosplay: legendary craftsmanship, menacingly-large weapons, and gorgeous skins!
12 hours ago

Big Plays Spotlight: ackerman’s calculated juke

In a beautiful display of cooldown management, LMQ’s ackerman exploited every Lee Sin trick in his arsenal to juke a seemingly inescapable gank.
1 day ago

Dev Blog: Making a More Human Bot

We surveyed both Coop-vs.-AI and PvP players to find out what they thought about bots and what we could do to improve them. Based on that feedback, we’ve tried to make bots more human.
3 days ago

Dev Blog: The Making of Yasuo's Wind Wall

Join Champion Designer CertainlyT as he walks us through the creation of Yasuo’s Wind Wall.
1 week ago

Big Plays Spotlight: Meteos’ fakeout

Welcome to the Big Plays Spotlight! In this feature, we highlight the most epic plays, from meticulously-coordinated early tower dives to mind-blowing escapes from one side of the Rift to the other.
1 week ago

Champion update: A New Breed of Plague Rat

The rumors have substance. Zaun’s toxic sewers, already responsible for creating the great Plague Rat known as Twitch, have mutated him further still. He’s been spotted – smelled, rather – cackling and scuttling towards PBE, giving horrified onlookers a first glimpse at contemporary pestilence.
2 weeks ago

Dev Blog: The Remaking of Xerath

In our first dev blog, we go in-depth on our Xerath rework.
1 month ago

Lab Report: Reinventing the revered inventor

Updating a champion like Heimerdinger requires all the rigor of the scientific method. Given his upcoming PBE launch, more and more evidence from the experimentation is surfacing.
1 month ago

My team video contest: we have a winner

Congratulations to the winner of the My Team video contest! The votes are in and you the community decided Will-full Dreamers and their team deserved the trip to the World Championship final at the Staples Center. Thanks so much for sharing your stories and votes.
6 months ago

My Team: cast your vote for best the team story

You clicked. You watched. You voted. We're down to ten finalists in the My Team video contest. In this stage, you'll have one vote to help decide the winner. The top vote-getter gets to take their team to the World Championship final!
7 months ago

My Team: vote up your favorite community stories

We're stoked to share all of the great entries we've seen for the My Team video contest. We've rounded up all the videos and loaded them into a randomized YouTube launcher for your voting pleasure.
7 months ago

Four days left to win trip to the World Championship

A number of summoners have already shared the story behind their team. We know that cinematic mavericks need time to make their vision a reality so we wanted to remind you that submissions to the My Team video contest will close on September 18 at 12AM PDT.
7 months ago

Does teamwork win more games?

Find out if team players win more games, earn more gold and carry their teams to victory.
7 months ago

Man at Arms forges the Zenith Blade

You voted for Leona's Zenith Blade and Man at Arms delivered: master blacksmith Tony Swatton and his crew of craftsmen at Sword and Stone have forged a truly stunning blade worthy of the Solari!
7 months ago

Millions of players – one legendary community

With the continued growth of the League of Legends community, new players keep offering lots of new ideas for awesome content. As the game evolves, your passion for League makes a huge impact on the features that accompany each release. Here’s an in-depth look at the League of Legends community.
7 months ago

My Team: video contest

When we heard Tim’s tale we knew there must be more great stories out in the community. So let’s hear ‘em! We want you to share your stories for our latest video contest.
7 months ago

Cosplay, Clay and Colors: Summoner Showcase #112

Get ready for an armoire-full of armor, creative colored sketches and a headhunting sculpture in this edition of the Summoner Showcase.
7 months ago

Nailed it: Summoner Showcase #110

League of Legends art is popping up here, there and everywhere! This Summoner Showcase is equal parts hand-made and hands-on, so click on for a bevy of manicured and manual labors of love!
8 months ago

Sculptacular : Summoner Showcase #109

Stacked with a bountiful bevy of brilliant fan creations, it's time to show off even more creative community talent. Featuring carefully composed statuary of all sorts including Amumu, Twitch, Elise and more, hit play to dive in to this sculptacular edition of the Summoner Showcase!
9 months ago

Ink Attack: Summoner Showcase #108

This showcase is packed with permanent ink and a bevy of balloons, to some of the best Draven cosplay you've seen yet. Oh, and art? Yeah, we got art. What are you waiting for? For some of the coolest community creations yet, hit play!
9 months ago

Poromania: Summoner Showcase #107

No one is safe from the whimsical charms of our frozen tormentors, the poros. Their distilled adorability has taken the community by storm and when that happens, the arts follow.
10 months ago

Tribal Allegiances: Summoner Showcase #106

Ask Zac, Cho'Gath domination and taking the fight for the Freljord to Twitter on this episode of the Summoner Showcase.
10 months ago

League of Legends Cinematic: A Twist of Fate

At Riot, we love cinematics and we know many of you do too. For the last year or so we’ve been hard at work bringing a new cinematic to life. The fascinating thing about working in a cinematic format is that it allows us to get up close and personal with our champions without the constraints of the frenetic, action-packed, moment-to-moment gameplay of League of Legends.
10 months ago

Volipuppy: Summoner Showcase #105

I'm warning you all right now – there's an absolutely adorable puppy on this edition of the Summoner Showcase, so if you die of cuteness overload, we're not responsible. Fair warning.
11 months ago

Summoner Showcase #102: Pixel perfect

What’s that sound? Could it be… yes! That’s the sound of more amazing fan-made creations exploding our inboxes. Better not wait any longer – here’s the latest community-created art ready to drop jaws and inspire the rest of you creative types!
1 year ago