Big Plays: Galio’s Tower of Terror

Capitalizing on the enemy team’s mistakes, Galio sets up a devastating AOE wombo combo.
1 week ago

LoL Design Values: In-Depth with Meaningful Choices

Join Lead Champion Designer Andrei "Meddler" Van Roon as he discusses what makes a meaningful choice in League of Legends and why it's such an important pillar of our design values.
1 week ago

Dev Blog: Exploring Runeterra

Join the Narrative team for a look at the continuing evolution of storytelling in League of Legends.
1 week ago

Face off in our fanart contest!

Put your artistic skills to the test in our League of Legends Fanart Face Off contest. Create an original piece of art—drawn, painted, or in any other two-dimensional format—that depicts two or more champions in the midst of a heated battle.
1 week ago

Big Plays Spotlight: Mini Gnar Mega Dive

Gnar manages his Rage with precision, tower diving Katarina with a clutch, calculated transformation.
2 weeks ago

Big Plays Spotlight: Leona’s Last Stand

This is why you never dive a vengeful Leona in high Diamond I.
3 weeks ago

Big Plays Spotlight: Caitlyn’s Sidestep Snipe

Flirting with death, Caitlyn outplays Lee Sin with a creative mid-ult Flash dodge.
1 month ago

Big Plays Spotlight: Katarina’s 1v5 penta

As the sole survivor of a late-game team fight, Katarina proves that it’s never over until the nexus explodes.
1 month ago

Big Plays Spotlight: Jinx evens the odds

Jinx and Ezreal score style points for their back-to-back cross-map snipes in Diamond solo queue.
1 month ago

LoL Design Values: In-depth with Mastery

Join Riot Games' Vice President of Game Design, Tom "Zileas" Cadwell as he talks about the importance of mastery in League of Legends.
1 month ago