Champion Bio: Kled

“A sane man would run… but I ain’t the runnin’ kind!”
5 months ago

Champion Bio: Aurelion Sol

“Cower. Worship. Marvel. All appropriate responses, really.”
10 months ago

A Good Death

All audiences loved a good death, and they loved Magga’s more than any other.
1 year ago

Discovering the Link

Something stirs in one of Valoran’s ancient caves...
2 years ago

The Feats of Braum

What makes a man a legend?
2 years ago

Trials of the Poro

With the Freljord’s winter closing in and an almighty battle raging around him, one brave poro bounds on in his eternal search for snacks.
2 years ago

First Contact

Vel’Koz has come to Runeterra. Witness the first moments as he makes his way to the Fields of Justice.
2 years ago

The Glorious Evolution of Battlecast Vel'Koz

Captured subject suspends itself in mid-air with no wings or jet propulsion to speak of. Point lasers and other Void armaments show Battlecast potential. Subject demonstrates high levels of intelligence, but will be bent to my will.
2 years ago

The Road to Ruin

Delve into Yasuo's past and uncover how he became known as the Unforgiven.
3 years ago

A Sword without a Sheath

What is a sword without the man behind it? Teaching a swordsman to kill is simple. The true challenge lies in teaching him not to kill.
3 years ago