New on Universe: Urgot’s Bio and Short Story

There is only one way to measure a man. Tear him… into… pieces.
3 weeks ago

Ask Riot: Cigar Edition

So Graves can have a cigar, but...wait, what?
3 months ago

Garden of Forgetting

More than memories are lost in this garden - what will become of Ahri if she surrenders hers?
3 months ago

Champion Bio: Kled

“A sane man would run… but I ain’t the runnin’ kind!”
1 year ago

Champion Bio: Aurelion Sol

“Cower. Worship. Marvel. All appropriate responses, really.”
1 year ago

A Good Death

All audiences loved a good death, and they loved Magga’s more than any other.
1 year ago

Discovering the Link

Something stirs in one of Valoran’s ancient caves...
3 years ago

The Feats of Braum

What makes a man a legend?
3 years ago

Trials of the Poro

With the Freljord’s winter closing in and an almighty battle raging around him, one brave poro bounds on in his eternal search for snacks.
3 years ago

First Contact

Vel’Koz has come to Runeterra. Witness the first moments as he makes his way to the Fields of Justice.
3 years ago