Into the Abyss: Developing Dark Star Thresh

A Legendary is born.
4 weeks ago

Thresh: Making a Monster

We teamed up a community cosplayer with a professional prop maker to turn everyone’s favorite chain warden into a towering real-life monster! Here are some behind-the-scenes looks at the creation and performance of the thirteen foot tall Thresh puppet that debuted at PAX East.
6 months ago

The Dark Star rises

There is no escape.
7 months ago

Thresh’s Outplay Party

Celebrate Thresh’ community-decided victory over Lucian with some sweet hooks, saves, and outplays
8 months ago

Lucian vs. Thresh fan art

Continuing with the theme of this week’s battle between Lucian and Thresh, let's see if these inspiring community creations can help influence a victor in the war between sworn enemies.
8 months ago

Lucian vs Thresh: Who Would Win?

Vote on who would win in a hypothetical fight between the Chain Warden and the Purifier!
8 months ago

Thresh haunts the halls of PAX East!

The teams at Stoopid Buddy and 4 Itchy Tasty! Cosplay bring the Chain Warden to life.
9 months ago

Thresh & Rengar’s Bot Lane Carnage

No plan matters when Thresh and Rengar decide it's time for you to die.
10 months ago

Champ Thresh Restock 10/15

Get your Championship Thresh Figure Bundle on 10/15 at 9 AM PDT!
1 year ago

Legacy esports and SSW skins say goodbye for now

The legacy esports and SSW skins head to the vault.
1 year ago