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Academy Adventures Season 2!

The community comics collaboration is back for another heaping helping of Academy fun!
2 days ago

Ask Riot: Why do I suck?

Becoming a game designer, the evolution of champion mastery, and how to git gud.
6 days ago

Reddit Q&A with the devs behind Galio!

The devs will answer your questions about the Galio rework from 1:00pm PST to 3:00pm PST.
6 days ago

Ask Riot: Champ ideas and unexplored regions

Splash reworks, brainstorming champions, and hidden Runeterra secrets.
1 week ago

Cosplay Challenge Conquered!

Find out what happened at the Cosplay Lab, who was involved, and what they came up with!
3 weeks ago

Ask Riot: Malzahar kills the lady

Balancing League, Malzahar’s dagger, and writing at Riot.
3 weeks ago

Monthly Q&A with Ghostcrawler

Game Design Director Ghostcrawler answers your questions about League, live on Twitch.
1 month ago

Ask Riot: Is “My Shop” Coming Back?

Art jobs, pro accounts, and an update on “My Shop.”
1 month ago

Journey of a Cosplayer

We interviewed Kadeem of Kadu=Out Cosplay about what goes into prepping cosplay for a big event.
1 month ago

Feel the love with our 2017 Valentine’s postcards

Valentine’s is here once again and love is in the air. Show the special people in your life that they’re on your mind.
1 month ago