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Who do you Pick-Ban-Instalock?

Aurelion Sol, Cassiopeia, Syndra: who do you pick, ban, and instalock?
13 hours ago

/ALL Chat | Just OK Worlds Meetup

All Chat goes on the road with the Just OK Gamers podcast as the boys head to Chicago for Quarterfinals! Gweedo leads Xell on a tour of the Just Ok rock climbing wall, Nasty gets an (unofficial) pentakill, and HypnoHaze420 reads a terrifying bedtime story. Produced in collaboration with the Just Ok Gamers podcast!
3 days ago

Ask Riot: Easter eggs and books

This week, we’re talking easter eggs and books.
4 days ago

Check out the pre-season changes!

Riot designers will be stopping by to answer your questions about the pre-season changes.
6 days ago

/ALL Chat | Star Guardians

On this week’s Summoner Showcase, we’ve got Star Guardian art, perfect SG Jinx cosplay, a Worlds hype montage and more!
1 week ago

Will It Jungle? ft. Tristana

Dash tries to jungle Tristana on this edition of Will It Jungle!
1 week ago

Ask Riot: Summoner spells, 4K support, and Reddit

This week it’s Smite, Reddit and boards, and 4K support.
1 week ago

Star Guardian community creations

A magical collection of community art and cosplay!
1 week ago

Join in the Riot Impact Challenge

Join in Riot’s first Impact Challenge and help us support four non-profit projects while unlocking unique All-Star Event rewards.
1 week ago

Find a Worlds Viewing Party near you!

Didn’t nab tix to Finals? Here are a few options to find the viewing party closest to you!
1 week ago