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/ALL Chat | Minecraft Shurima

Shurima built in Minecraft, Mundo body paint, Vensy’s Arcade Miss Fortune cosplay and more on /ALL Chat!
2 days ago

Fan Artist Feature: Rin The Yordle

For our first Fan Artists Feature we’ll be speaking with Rin, a seasoned community artist who’s created an awesome Yordle OC, and regularly streams on Twitch!
3 days ago

URFtastic community creations

Fan art that makes a splash!
4 days ago

Share Your Best URF Moments

URF may be over, but our favorite manatee’s spirit remains in our memories.
5 days ago

/ALL Chat | URFtacular!

Dive deep into the story of everyone’s favorite manatee.
1 week ago

Dark Horses - Solo Lane Assassin Jarvan IV

We're back with another installment of Dark Horses! This time, we'll be digging into Jarvan IV -- while we're used to seeing him do his princely duty in the jungle, he's also very viable as a solo laner built for assassinating high-damage squishy targets.
1 week ago

Interview with Surrender@20's Moobeat!

Want to know what it takes to cover the League of Legends news beat? Find out in this interview with Surrender@20 fansite editor Zachary "Moobeat" Day.
1 week ago

Check out the URF Q&A

The team who baked tons of damage into the return of URF mode serve up answers to your rapidest questions on the boards.
1 week ago

Join the team for an URF Q&A

Now that you've had a chance to play a few URF games, stop by the boards and join the team who rebuilt the game mode all better and stronger if not necessarily faster (the fire can only get so rapid).
2 weeks ago

Enhance the ultra rapid death-dealing

Add fancy animations to your kills with Finisher Icons, only available during U.R.F!
2 weeks ago