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1,600 steps to the NACC finals

Over the last 8 months, college students formed over 1,600 teams to duke it out during the 2015 North American Collegiate Championship (NACC), and we’ve chronicled them all right here. Find your school’s place in history.
1 year ago

Mid-Season Invitational icons, bundles and more

Grab these deals inspired by the 2015 Mid-Season Invitational and celebrate the collision of the world’s best League of Legends players fighting to provide their region is the best.
2 years ago

More Mid-Season Invitational tickets coming soon

We’re releasing more tickets to the Mid-Season Invitational on April 11. Reserve your seat to see top talent battle it out and regional metas be put to the test on the international stage in Tallahassee, Florida, on May 7-10.
2 years ago

2015 World Championships venues

This fall, we’re bringing Worlds through Paris, London and Brussels for group stages, quarters and semifinals before landing in Berlin where the two remaining teams will battle it out at the World Championship Final.
2 years ago

Power Rankings - 4/7/2015

Teams rise and fall as the 2015 Spring Split comes to a close.
2 years ago

Relive the URFitational

Watch two prestigious teams battle for elegant supremacy in Ultra Rapid Fire mode!
2 years ago

The 2015 URFitational Starts Now

Find out which team of esports veterans will take home the Golden Spatula?
2 years ago

The thrilling conclusion to the URFitational

Two rival League teams, not at all the same, in hallowed halls, where we broadcast our stream, from ancient grudge to grand final stage, where first blood makes for broken hearts and crushed dreams.
2 years ago

NA LCS Spring Playoffs Guide

In the final weeks of the Spring Split, we’ve seen a tight race for the top spots to qualify for the NA Spring Playoffs. With Championship Points and a chance to represent North America at the Mid-Season Invitational on the line, the 3 competitive weeks of NA LCS Spring Playoffs live from Los Angeles will be something you won’t want to miss.
2 years ago

2015 Mid-Season Invitational Tickets Now On Sale

Claim your seat at the 2015 Mid-Season Invitational. Tickets are now available to the Mid-Season Invitational at the Donald L. Tucker Civic Center in Tallahassee, Florida, on May 7-10.
2 years ago