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Star Guardian event ending soon

Don’t forget to catch First Star loading screen borders for the new skins before the Star Guardian event fades away.
8 hours ago

September Early Sales: 9.22.17 – 9.25.17

Dragon Sorceress Zyra and Dragonslayer Xin Zhao are on the September Early Sale list!
8 hours ago

Making ‘Legends Never Die’

The Riot Games music team and Against The Current discuss the making of “Legends Never Die”.
13 hours ago

Ask Riot: Hire more devs, Rito

Hiring more devs for Death Recap, honor level decay, and merch in Latin America.
1 day ago

Worlds 2017 Collection

Worlds is here! The official commemorative collection arrives to help you celebrate as the best teams in the world battle in China.
1 day ago

New skin: Eternum Cassiopeia

Learn more about the merciless Queen of the Eternum.
1 day ago


The Charming Fox.
1 day ago

Learn More: Worlds 2017 Missions and Loot

Get all the info you need on dates, missions, loot rewards, crafting, and passes for the upcoming event.
1 day ago