Illaoi, the Kraken Priestess, available now

Prepare to be tested.
20 hours ago

It’s time for November bundles and Mystery skins!

November bundles and Mystery skins show up and show off!
5 days ago

Welcome to the Zombie apocalypse

It’s slay time!
2 weeks ago

2015 Worlds skins, icons, and wards hit the road

Championship Kalista and the rest of the legacy esports skins won’t be back until next year, so pick them up before they sail away on a flowing river of tears cried by those who ran out of time.
3 weeks ago

Burn eternal, Spirit Fire Brand

He reaches out to the spirits. They reach back.
1 month ago

Vi, Demon of ganks, we call to thee!

She is the serpent. She is the furious beast. The windstorm. Evil winds are her. The evil breath that heraldeth the baneful storm.
1 month ago

The Final Fight – Season 3 Champ SKT

Later this month, a new champion will hoist the Summoner’s Cup. We asked previous World Champions to describe the feeling at the exact moment when they knew they’d won it all, continuing with SKT’s Faker.
1 month ago

Galaxies crumble before Cosmic Reaver Kassadin

Present at the birth of the universe, he shall be there at its end.
1 month ago

Champ Thresh Figure is back in stock!

We’ve restocked the commemorative Championship Thresh Figure to make it available to more players who aren’t attending Worlds in person. Lock ‘em up while supplies last!
1 month ago

Sail on Ironside Malphite, sail on

Let blood red sails not pass this way.
1 month ago