Winter Wonder Orianna waltzes into Snowdown

After transforming her whirling ball of doom into a clockwork poro of death, Winter Wonder Orianna is wound up and ready for Snowdown!
3 days ago

Poro Rider Sejuani charges into Snowdown

It’s a boar... It’s a car... It’s a donut-wielding barbarian riding a giant ball of fluff!
3 days ago

Snow Day Malzahar hits the slopes

The Poropocalypse is nigh!
3 days ago

Eternum Rek’Sai ravages a new world

Alloy claws stab through the breach, gouging at the reinforced armor as they grapple for a hold. Digging into the frame, a mangle of alien composite and hellish flesh wrenches through. Eternum Rek’Sai has a fresh world to ravage.
4 days ago

The Heist ending soon!

After staking out the completely wrong address, accidentally wiretapping themselves and trying to tail a couple of suspicious individuals WHILE DRESSED IN FULL UNIFORM, Captain Volibear and Constable Trundle have finally caught the criminals!
2 weeks ago

Hero detectives dive into action

Captain Volibear and Constable Trundle are on the case! Police have called up the hardest of hardcore detectives to end this heinous crime wave.
3 weeks ago

Detectives identify criminal masterminds

Breaking news! Last night, detectives spotted notorious criminals Pickpocket Twitch and Safecracker Evelynn near the Legacy vault but they escaped before officers could apprehend them.
3 weeks ago

Two more champions join the Battlecast arsenal

Battlecast Alpha Skarner and Battlecast Kog’Maw are integral to my battle strategy. The Resistance will crumble. The glorious evolution will advance.
3 weeks ago

Reaper Soraka will soon depart

Her bounty collected, Reaper Soraka will soon return to the dark sanctuary she calls home.
1 month ago

Tremble before Reaper Soraka

With a swipe of her scythe, the ground cracks before Reaper Soraka as she summons a spirit, the tortured soul rising from the abyss to serve its new master.
1 month ago