NA TFT Fates Qualifier Series Co-streaming Policy

A rundown of the co-streaming rules for the North America TFT Fates Regional Qualifier Series.

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Last week we announced North America’s TFT Fates Qualifier Series, the official route for North American players to compete for the global Fates Championship. We’re now excited to announce our official co-streaming policy for the upcoming Qualifier Series, including both the Qualifier and Regional Finals events.

NA TFT Fates Qualifier Series Co-streaming Policy

  • Co-streaming is defined as rebroadcasting the content from a current stream while adding live commentary and/or video. It is NOT just re-uploading the broadcast or another creator's stream with no additional commentary.
  • Only LPP, and invited broadcast partners will be permitted to co-stream the games. Riot Games reserves the right to extend or revoke invites for participation in the co-streaming program for this particular event.
  • If you choose to include a guest in your co-stream, that guest must also follow the guidelines of the co-streaming program at all times. Guests cannot publish content from the co-stream to their own channel unless they are an approved broadcast partner, or an existing member of LPP.
  • Co-streaming is welcome in all languages and on the following platforms: Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Caffeine.
  • TFT Qualifier sponsors, sponsored segments, or stitched commercials may not be altered or covered in any way. Do not disparage tournament sponsors.
  • Co-streamer sponsors may be used assuming (i) they do not conflict with tournament sponsors; and (ii) they are not on the Restricted Sponsorship List (Drugs, Liquor, Pornography, Gambling).
  • All co-streamers must provide viewership data to Riot Games for the time they are co-streaming and use #TFTQualifiersNA in their titles.
  • Please hold off on posting any co-streaming VODs, or highlights to YouTube for at least 7 days after the conclusion of the broadcast.
  • Please note that these rules and restrictions apply only to those interested in co-streaming the event. There may be additional broadcasts from player perspectives that are essential to the broadcast production for which alternate rules apply.

Suggestions for a better co-streaming experience

  • Be safe with your music! Music is still subject to DMCA by other 3rd parties. For a playlist of Riot, stream-safe music, click here.
  • Criticism of players and the casters is fine, but attacking is not. Please be kind to your fellow player when co-streaming.
  • If another player asks about co-streaming, please direct them to your Riot Contact. Do not give permission to other creators we haven’t spoken to.
Remember, while co-streaming you are representing Riot Games and being an official partner with us. We ask that you follow the platinum rule: Treat others as they want to be treated.

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