Wild animal sightings
On Demacian Frontier

By Forrest Stump, Woodland Surveyor

In recent weeks, settlers along the Demacian frontier have reported a marked increase in cattle mutilations and hideous, nighttime howling. Though there is no word on the official cause, eye witness accounts describe the culprit animal as a blue-furred, anthropomorphic canine that walks with a curiously swaggering gait.

When reached for comment, a representative from the local animal control office simply shouted "Demacia!" and ran screaming off into the woods. Local citizens are advised to bolt ground-floor windows and doors, and ward all overgrown areas to prevent any sudden, unexpected duress.

...bolt ground-floor windows and doors, and ward all overgrown areas...

Wilderness wildlife incursions like this one are becoming increasingly problematic as the Demacian borders continue to expand. In one area, similarly blue lupines were spotted ravaging the local manatee population. Further south, a warmer region has developed serious issues with a cackling, bipedal hyena. Growing concern over lycanthropic encounters have led to widespread uneasiness in rural areas.

Jarvan III's Secretary of Wilderness Affairs issued the following statement in response to growing unrest: "This administration has always taken a hard line against animal violence. In the future we'll be outlining a five point plan designed to reduce lycanthrope incursions throughout the empire. You're also welcome to stop by the local animal control office to pick up a free brochure on proper ward placement. If you're still concerned, be sure to run Cleanse and Barrier before heading out for the day."