Explodification abounds in this round-based attack and defense mode. Rush to crack (or defend) the base with brand new, 100% safe-for-testing™ siege weapons.

Live for back-to-back weekends: 07/15-07/18 & 07/22-07/25.

Nexus Siege cuts the Rift in half, leaving just one base to raze/protect. If you’re on the attack, blitz the base, shove waves, and deploy siege weapons to charge up your minions and destructify towers. When defending, break out tower upgrades and hold the line at all costs. Once the attackers crack the Nexus, teams switch sides. Victory goes to whichever team flattens the base fastest when attacking.

Buying and deploying siege weapons:

Siege weapons fill summoner spell slots. Snatch them up with an alternate currency called Crystal Shards (CR). Each side earns this kind of CR a little differently:


  • Earned over time
  • Kill enemy champions; attacker kills net more Crystal Shards than defender kills


  • Earned over time
  • Kill enemy champions
  • Granted when the first tower in each lane is destroyed
  • Earned for each minion shoved into the attacker’s teleporters
  • Defenders start the round with enough Crystal Shards to buy a siege weapon

Siege Warp trinkets and empowered recalls:

Both teams get trinkets that warp them close to the front lines of the siege. Empowered (read: fast) recalls help both teams quickly snag the siege weapons they need before diving back into the fray.

Gold and experience:

Gold and experience are normalized, so both teams receive equal amounts throughout the game. This means last-hitting literally doesn’t matter, so just shove lanes like crazy.

The Obliterator:

You can only unleash the Obliterator on defense. Unlock its eye-searing power by shoving a total of 15 minions into the attacker’s teleport pads. What’s the Obliterator? Just a terrifyingly powerful laser that fires down all three lanes. It makes everything except siege weapons mega dead. Minions? Deleted. Champions? Dearly departed. When the Obliterator fires, attackers would be well advised to duck into the jungle.



Hmmmm. These experimental siege weapons are more than prototypically destructive!

Siege Ballista

Health: 3 ward health

The bread and butter bomb lobber of the offense. Stick these somewhere safe-ish, and protect them from pesky defenders.



The array of strategic options is positronically dizzying. I like it!
  • 1
    Head to base often for more siege weapons, even if it’s against your incendiary instincts. All attackers should head back to base around three minutes to pick up their first siege weapon.
  • 2
    Pushing one lane together can work, but often ends in Obliterator-ation.
  • 3
    Nest siege weapons together and don’t forget the Shield Totems. The grouped weapons bait disorganized defenders into your ambushes.


  • Tristana

    Toting a cannon and a bandolier of grenades, Trist’s natural strengths line up well with the attacker’s offensive goals.
  • Azir

    The Shuriman emperor’s soldiers exert powerful zone control, pushing defenders away from your siege weapon nests and their own turrets.
  • Swain

    Extreme durability and ample AoE damage pose a substantial attrition threat to defenders.