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Replays & Practice

The technology is (finally) here.

Revisit your biggest wins—and learn from your failures—with Replays. Then load up Practice Tool: a powerful new set of custom game options that'll help you get good.


Save Your Plays

Roughly one million years ago, we told you our plans to (eventually) ship replays. With the launch of the client update, we're finally making good on that promise.

The launch version of Replays comes with all the tools you've come to expect out of Spectate Mode—plus some. Download Replays from your match history or end-of-game screen during the patch you played on, then use the built-in recording tool to save your highlights as video files that can be shared anywhere.

Speedy Scrubbin'

Just looking for that pentakill? The Annotated Timeline will help you find all kills, dragons, barons, towers, and inhibitors, so it's easier to find your favorite moments.

Practice Tool

Coming to the updated client early in 2017!

Practice Your Way

Instantly reset cooldowns to practice that hellaciously hard wall-flash, or cheat gold for items to try out different builds on the fly. We know you’re going to miss the good old days of waiting beside a wall for five minutes, only to fail-Flash into it. Patience is technically a skill, and we appreciate yours.

Want to work on your last-hitting? Lock your character at level one and show those minions what's up.

Want to try out jungle Corki but aren't sure if you'll die to wolves? Test out jungle clears without loading a new game each time!

Playmaker: Reignover


When it seems victory is slipping away, learn to make the plays to turn the game around in five new videos featuring League of Legends pros from across the globe.

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