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Once I was a prisoner. Like you.
Locked away by cowards and hypocrites. Left to die for the way I was born.
Nothing to live for but vengeance. Nothing to lose but my chains.
Yet in the revolution to come—our revolution—these chains will liberate us all.
And I will make sure we are never shackled again.



As Sylas, you lash out with merciless magical attacks, pummeling those who would oppose you with stone and steel. Beat down your enemies with repeated Chain Lash, following each flogging with a basic attack for a whirling Petricite Burst. Elude arrest and position yourself with Abscond before choosing a hostage to hook with Abduct. When your struggle becomes a matter of life and death, end the oppression with a crushing Kingslayer strike.

When you reach level six, unleash your full potential and Hijack the powers of your foes for a greater purpose—your own. By the late game you can seize multiple ultimates in quick succession, using the enemy team’s own strength against them and bringing your revolution to a violent conclusion. In the end, they will be the ones who kneel.

“Watch me break a kingdom.”


  • Crush your foes in combat by weaving in basic attacks after each spellcast for maximum damage. The perfect sequence includes a Petricite Burst after every ability, leaving enemies bruised and broken—if not dead.

  • Consider all your options when Hijacking ultimates. What do you need most right now? What might be critical a little later? Seizing a brutal finishing move could clinch your current skirmish, but taking a powerful crowd control spell might win you the next teamfight.

  • You can’t Hijack the same enemy for a while after you take their ability, so plot out the full revolt before you start stealing ults. There’s no rush to use what you have, but hesitate too long and you’ll miss opportunities to unleash even more ultimates. Triumph over your opponents by picking the right time—and power—to turn against them.

“You picked the wrong side.”