Last Modified: April 12, 2011

In order to ensure that all users of League of Legends (the “Game”) have a fun and safe in-Game experience, Riot Games, Inc. (“Riot Games”) has created “The Tribunal”, whereby all the users of the Game (the “Community”) are empowered to dictate what conduct is considered acceptable within the Game, and what conduct the Community deems inappropriate. Those members of the Community who qualify have the option to participate in The Tribunal by evaluating reports and attached evidence regarding the alleged misconduct of other users. The following Tribunal Policy and Procedure (the “Policy”) explains how you as a user might be reported, how The Tribunal works to evaluate those reports, and what happens when The Tribunal chooses to punish a user’s actions. This Policy is governed by and should be read in conjunction with Riot Games’ Terms of Use, EULA, and Privacy Policy (collectively, the “Riot Games Legal Policies”), and should there be any discrepancy between this Policy and the Riot Games Legal Policies , the terms of the Riot Games Legal Policies shall control and prevail.

How does a case come before the The Tribunal?

At the end of any live Game session (each, a “Game Session”), each user may report any other user participating in that Game Session by clicking the red exclamation mark (!) that appears next to that user’s Summoner name. You are free to report any user(s) that you feel has violated the Summoner’s Code, Riot Games Legal Policies, or generally displayed unsportsmanlike conduct. After selecting to report a user, you will be asked to choose from one of up to ten pre-selected reasons why that user’s actions necessitated filing the report. You will also have the option to provide a short paragraph further describing the reasons for the report. It is these reports that may come before The Tribunal.

Not all reported users will be submitted to The Tribunal, but various factors will be considered for each reported user, including without limitation: (i) the number of times the user has been reported; (ii) the frequency at which the user is reported; (iii) the reason(s) for which the user is reported; (iv) the length of time the user’s Game account has been registered (with newer accounts judged more stringently than veterans); and (v) the reputation of the user(s) that are making the reports. This means that, generally, but not necessarily in all cases, you will have to be reported multiple times by multiple users before you face judgment by The Tribunal.

What evidence is The Tribunal provided with to judge the case?

Once a user is reported a sufficient number of times to merit a public posting of reports against that user, the system will automatically create a report page for The Tribunal system, containing the following information (a “Report Page”): (i) the Summoner name of the reported user; (ii) in-Game statistics from the particular Game Session(s) for which the user was reported; (iii) the reason(s) provided by the reporting user(s); (iv) any additional comments provided by the reporting user(s); and (v) the entire in-Game chat log for the Game Session(s). The Report Page will also contain a drop-down menu bar that allows the reviewing Tribunal member to evaluate evidence from each Game Session for which the user was reported (appearing as its own Report Page). A Tribunal member will not be casting a vote on each reported Game Session individually, but will vote on the user based on their general history as provided by The Tribunal, and so reviewing each of the Game Sessions individually will help a Tribunal member to better understand the report history of the offending user and deliver a balanced and accurate decision on disciplinary action. For each case a Tribunal member reviews, The Tribunal member will not be able to vote on such case for sixty (60) seconds to help ensure he or she spends an appropriate amount of time reviewing the evidence before casting a vote.

Private Chat Log Exception: If you are participating in a 3v3 or 5v5 pre-made game in which all of the members on your team are pre-selected (in other words, you have chosen to only play with your friends and are not playing with any strangers on your team), then any chat text that is submitted on team chat (as opposed to public game chat via the “/all” channel) (“Private Chat”) will be redacted from the chat log on the Report Page. For clarification purposes, this redaction only happens when the teams are fully pre-made and only applies to Private Chat. Any public or “all” chat content submitted during a Game Session is subject to review by The Tribunal.

The Report Pages are assigned at random in The Tribunal – a Tribunal member cannot pick and choose which cases he or she wants to review. While there is a small chance that a Tribunal member might be assigned a Report Page for a user that he or she reported, no Tribunal member will be allowed to vote on a Report Page created for his or her own account.

How Does Voting Work?

Once a Tribunal member has reviewed the Report Page, he or she has an opportunity to vote to “pardon,” “punish” or “skip” the case. Each Report Page will be reviewed and voted on by at least twenty (20) different Tribunal members before any action is taken. While this number is subject to change in the sole and absolute discretion of Riot Games, the offending user must always receive an overwhelming majority of “punish” votes to be subject to some form of punishment by Riot Games.

Penalties imposed as a result of The Tribunal decisions work on a graduated system, carrying progressively harsher penalties for repeat offenders. In almost all cases, a first time offender will receive a warning, explaining that The Tribunal has determined that certain of such offender’s in-Game activity is worthy of punishment and encouraging the user to abide by the Summoner’s Code. Depending on the frequency of discipline by The Tribunal and the nature of the user’s offending actions, punishment will become progressively harsher, resulting in a ban ranging from a single day to several weeks. A member of the Riot Games support team will be assigned to audit The Tribunal system, and will be responsible for reviewing the individual cases deserving of more extreme punishment (generally, anything harsher than a single day ban). The Riot Games staff member will ultimately be responsible for manually approving the appropriate punishment, assigning a less severe level of punishment, or for pardoning the offending user, all of which the staff member shall implement in Riot Games’ sole and absolute discretion.

While you will not be notified each time another user reports you or when you have a Report Page that comes before The Tribunal, you will be notified via email each time The Tribunal’s verdict on your Report Page is to “punish.” The email you receive will also notify you of the disciplinary action Riot Games has seen fit to take against your account.

Eligibility and Participation / Who is eligible to participate in The Tribunal?

Only frequent Game users whose account has reached a level of thirty (30) and who have not otherwise been banned from participating are eligible to act as a member of The Tribunal, although Riot Games reserves the right to suspend or grant access to The Tribunal to any user at any time and for any reason. Those who are eligible and wish to participate must log in to The Tribunal on the League of Legends website, at www.leagueoflegends.com/tribunal, and read and agree to this Policy.

Your Tribunal Performance

Each member initially has the opportunity to vote on up to thirty (30) cases per day (this number is subject to change at any time in Riot Games’ sole and absolute discretion).

Your performance as a Tribunal member is automatically evaluated as you participate in The Tribunal and cast votes on the Report Pages that come before you. If you frequently succeed at voting with the majority in The Tribunal, over time, you will also slowly be granted the capability of reviewing and voting on more Report Pages per day. If, however, you frequently and consistently vote against the majority, or otherwise disrupt or hinder The Tribunal process, you will have access to fewer and fewer Report Pages, and eventually your account may be temporarily or permanently banned from future participation in The Tribunal, at Riot Games’ sole discretion.