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Why We Watch ASE 2019

There’s more to League of Legends than winners and losers.
39 min ago

This or That | Junglers These Days

This or That is back with Kobe and Cap for the final episode of 2019. They’ll be back in 2020 but until then enjoy them flaming Dardoch.
51 min ago

Series 3 Kayle Figure

Kayle, The Righteous is ready to punish the unjust with her fiery swords - including her sister. She is now available as #19 in the Series 3 Figure Line.
1 day ago

The Dive | Roster Madness & 2019 Awards

This week on The Dive the gang are going deep on roster moves and handing out some awards for the last episode of 2019.
1 day ago

Ranked Merch Rewards Live

Rep your achievements from Season 9 with apparel personalized with your Summoner Name & Ranked Crest. Available for a limted time only until January 21st, 2020.
2 days ago

1v1 Tournament | All-Star 2019

The 1v1 tournament returns for All-Star 2019. Watch from Dec. 5 – 7 at
3 days ago

Series 3 Morgana Figure

Conflicted between her celestial and mortal natures, Morgana bound her wings to embrace humanity, and inflicts her pain and bitterness upon the dishonest and the corrupt. Morgana is #20 in the Series 3 figure line.
3 days ago

Dawnbringer Riven Unlocked Statue

Discord will be bound in harmony. The dawn will break the darkness. Order will control Chaos. Special Edition #10 Dawnbringer Riven is now available in the Unlocked Statue line.
4 days ago