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Nasus Collectible Plush

The Curator of the Sands joins the collectible plush line to help celebrate the Year of the Dog.
21 hours ago

Narrative in 2018

A look at when, why, and how we decide to update a champion’s lore, and our goals for 2018.
1 day ago

Community Collab: A Remixed Dawn by TooCurly

Check out TooCurly’s epic remix using sounds from League of Legends cinematics.
1 day ago

Limited Edition Panda Tibbers Team Mini

Complete your Lunar Revel Team Mini set (and make Panda Annie VERY happy) with this Limited Edition figure.
1 day ago

Eyes on Clutch Gaming

Clutch Gaming put their research to the test as they look to steal a win from TSM.
1 day ago

Playstyles: Apollo and Hakuho

Jordan and Pippen. Batman and Robin. Go on, name iconic duos in League of Legends. Chances are, even if you’re a diehard League of Legends fan, you didn’t name Apollo and Hakuho.
2 days ago

The Dive: Trash Talk with Doublelift

This week on The Dive the gang are joined by Team Liquid’s ADC Doublelift to talk the state of the game and the NA LCS.
2 days ago

Svenskeren vs. TSM

Cloud9’s Svenskeren has a lot to prove in his matchup versus his old team, TSM. C9 face off against TSM this Saturday at 4 PM PT.
2 days ago