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New free champion rotation: Jayce, Swain, Lissandra and more!

Greetings Summoners! Here are this week's free champions.
15 hours ago

Xayah & Rakan Accessories

This pair of Vastaya are back to give your home a mischievous touch as our newest mugs and coaster set.
16 hours ago

YASMIX | League of Legends Champ Remix

It's Yasuo, but remixed. Taste the wind!
3 days ago

Invictus Gaming Team Mini Set

The team that won Worlds 2018 is here. Pre-order them as our newest Special Edition Team Mini Set and receive an exclusive Invictus Gaming Summoner Icon with your purchase.
3 days ago

Eyes on St. Louis

Team Liquid vs TSM. Doublelift vs Bjergsen. Titans clash at the 2019 LCS Spring Finals in St. Louis.
4 days ago

New Legendary Skin: Galaxy Slayer Zed

A shadow falls over the heavens.
4 days ago

/dev: ARAM Changes Wrap-Up

What’s coming back with us to the Howling Abyss, and why’d we leave some stuff behind?
4 days ago

Little Demon Trist: Model & SFX

Our second update includes sculpting, screams, and souls, plus a video of Tristana in game!
5 days ago