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Aphelios Champion Spotlight

The deadliest weapon is faith. With the blessing of his sister Alune, Aphelios uses five moonstone weapons to eliminate the enemies of the Lunari. Master his dynamic arsenal, specialized HUD, and numerous marksman gameplay styles.
10 hours ago

Mecha Kingdoms Skins Teaser

We must rise above the past if we wish to have a future. Mecha Kingdoms launches with five new pilots on January 15, 2020, at 11:00 a.m. PT
1 day ago

Champion Insights: Aphelios

The big brain, sad moon boi.
2 weeks ago

Aphelios Kit Primer

Five weapons, a Q, and an R. The most complex champion in League of Legends.
2 weeks ago

Aphelios Champion Trailer

True power comes at a cost. By taking the poison, Aphelios channels the voice of his sister, Alune. In turn, she grants him her abilities: five moonstone weapons for him to master.
2 weeks ago

Zed: Issue #1

In Ionia, a land steeped in tradition and still reeling from war, the once honorable warrior named Zed leads a band of assassins. After Zed murdered their master, his childhood friend Shen has taken a different path, inheriting his father’s former mantle as the Eye of Twilight and maintaining magical balance in Ionia. But when Zed is lured back to a village where he and Shen once encountered a great evil, a brutal killer from their past resurfaces: the magically gifted psychopath Khada Jhin!
3 weeks ago

Official Music Video: True Damage - GIANTS

Run the world with True Damage’s debut single, featuring Ekko, Akali, Senna, Qiyana, and Yasuo in a new hip-hop collaboration.
1 month ago

Senna Short Story: The Voices of the Dead

Read Senna’s short story on Universe.
1 month ago

Senna: The Redeemer | Champion Spotlight

For the living. For the dead.
1 month ago

Zed Comic Series Preview

The Zed comic series is right around the corner with issue 1 releasing November 20, 2019!
1 month ago