Most Recent Champion Preview News

Sylas, the Unshackled - Champion Trailer

Power is so easily taken. Watch me break a kingdom with it.
2 months ago

Neeko: The Curious Chameleon

Seeing double in the jungle? Either your eyes are playing tricks on you—or someone else is.
4 months ago

Akali: The Rogue Assassin | Champion Trailer

She moves through smoke and shadow, but the way forward is clear—Akali’s path must be her own.
8 months ago

Pyke: The Ripper’s Revenge | Champion Trailer

A dead man stalks these salted streets. Pray you aren’t on his list.
10 months ago

Pyke: The Bloodharbor Ripper | New Champion Teaser

Pyke’s shipmates watched him drown. In his eyes, all of Bilgewater is guilty.
10 months ago

Dev Livestream: Zoe, the Aspect of Twilight

Designer CertainlyT answers your questions about Zoe, the Aspect of Twilight, during this early look developer livestream!
1 year ago

Evelynn: Agony’s Embrace - Champion Teaser

Check out an early, in-game look at the reworked champion, Evelynn: Agony’s Embrace. Releasing in patch 7.20!
1 year ago

Ornn Champion Trailer

With his hammer, he forges creations. With his horn, he summons destruction.
1 year ago

PBE Livestream: Ornn, today at 4 PM Pacific

Reav3 answers your questions and discusses developing Ornn.
1 year ago

PBE Livestream: Midseason 2017 - Tank Update

The 2017 Midseason tank update heads to Twitch. Join designers Beluga Whale, and Shrieve as they answer your questions live and discuss the changes coming to Sejuani, Maokai, and Zac.
1 year ago