Yasuo, the Unforgiven, available now

By sixtwo

The winds of change blow through the Fields of Justice. Yasuo has come.

“Hell, even the sharpest shot's gonna have trouble hittin' the wind...”High Noon Yasuo

High Noon Yasuo's riding into town looking for trouble. His augmented pistol sword at the ready, Yasuo kicks up copper-tinged dust as he dashes through his foes and unleashes his dust-strewn whirlwinds. He throws up tinted Wind Walls when the firefights grow fierce only to burst through with his explosive Steel Tempests when the time's right. Once the fight's done, High Noon Yasuo leans back against his weapon to play a solemn tune on his trusty harmonica. Preparing to head to the sunset, he tosses an empty bottle to the skies and scores one final bullseye.

Dodge, dive and dismember your foes as Yasuo and his High Noon skin for 1462 RP (normally 1950 RP) until the end of 12/17 at 11:59 PM PST.

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