Ryze, the Rune Mage, available now

By Cactopus

The Rune Mage has re-emerged from his retreat to the PBE refreshed, reworked, and really, really balanced. He's ready to rip up the rift right now.

The Big Blue Ryze Bundle is available for 3414 RP (3570 RP if you haven't already unlocked the Rune Mage) beginning now through 23:59 PDT, July 20. The bundle includes:

  • Ryze
  • Tribal Ryze [LEGACY]
  • Uncle Ryze
  • Professor Ryze [LEGACY]
  • Zombie Ryze [LEGACY]
  • Dark Crystal Ryze
  • Pirate Ryze [LEGACY]
  • Ryze Whitebeard

All skins are available separately as well, but Ryze's four legacy skins are only warping into this realm for a short period—they go back into the vault at 23:59 PDT on August 13.

Surpryzed to hear about this champ update? Learn more about it here:

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