Shen Shadow Dashes over to Live

By fizzNchips

Shen’s restored balance to both his new kit AND the equilibrium, and is ready to taunt his way through enemy teams on live. We’ve updated the big guy with a new passive, Q, and W, while keeping his iconic Shadow Dash and Stand United largely the same. Read through Shen’s PBE article for the full story, or scroll down for a glimpse at his updated model in action!

We’re bundling Shen with all of his skins and reducing the price to celebrate his update! His Shensational bundle runs up at 3958 RP (25% off), lasts through 23:59 February 1 and includes the following:

  • Shen
  • Frozen Shen (Legacy)
  • Yellow Jacket Shen (Legacy)
  • Surgeon Shen
  • Blood Moon Shen
  • Warlord Shen
  • TPA Shen (Legacy)

We’re also opening up the legacy vault and sending TPA Shen (750 RP), Frozen Shen (520 RP) and Yellow Jacket Shen (520 RP) back to the store until his bundle expires!

Ready to hit the Rift with Shen’s update? Let us know in the comments below!

3 years ago

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