Most Recent Creative Spotlight News

Lux: Issue #2

Struggling to control her growing magic, Lux bluffs her way into the Mageseeker compound.
3 days ago

Ixtal: New Faction

Learn about Qiyana’s empire.
1 week ago

9.12: Lore Update

This week’s lore update takes us deep into the jungle as we uncover the mysteries of Ixtal!
1 week ago

Final Update on Little Demon Trist

Bug fixing, PBE feedback, and a time-lapse of her splash art illustration to round out the last post!
2 weeks ago

9.11: Lore Update

In this Lore Update we’re heading down to the Immortal Bastion for an update on Noxus!
2 weeks ago

Little Demon Tristana: Splash Art and Chromas

The latest on Little Demon Tristana’s splash art and chromas!
1 month ago

9.10: Lore Update

Naps and fish are only half of the story! Dive into this week’s Lore Update to learn more.
1 month ago

Yuumi Short Story: The Biggest Catch

Read Yuumi’s short story on Universe.
1 month ago

Behind The Scenes | Giving Yuumi A Voice

Voice actor Cassandra Lee Morris and narrative writer Rayla Heide visited a cat cafe to discuss cat personalities, inspiration for Yuumi, and how voice-over brings champions to life.
1 month ago

Lux: Issue #1

In Demacia, order reigns and magic is forbidden. How will the order be upset when Lux’s hidden magic emerges? Will she be able to protect herself, or will she doom Demacia in the process.
1 month ago