Patch Notes: Lore Edition

By Riot Ashekandi

In the southern part of Runeterra lie the unconquered eastern jungles of Shurima. Within its sprawling, vast overgrowth of beast and flora are secrets waiting to be uncovered and claimed. But, here in the jungle, all is not as it seems—is there a beast among the trees, or, perhaps, is the jungle itself stirring?

At the Edge of the World

Kumungu, Noxus, Military, Exploration, Danger

After years serving in the Noxian military, Commander Tomyri has finally received her own command. She is ordered on her first expedition: to claim the Kumungu Jungle in the name of the Noxian Empire.

Neeko, The Curious Chameleon

Neeko, Nidalee, Kumungu

Neeko, fleeing destruction and cataclysm, has arrived in Harelport. She must now come to terms with the loss of her homeland while learning to communicate in a world she is curious to explore.

Neeko: The Monster of Kalduga Outpost

Neeko, Kumungu, Noxus, Playful

Late at night, Neeko discovers a Noxian outpost deep in Kumungu. As is to be expected of her curiosity, she decides to investigate the area to uncover the true nature of the Noxians and why they are there.

Nidalee: Updated Bio

Nidalee, Neeko, Kumungu

A human child raised by an adopted family of cougars in the Kumungu jungle, the now bestial Nidalee defends her pack from any who would do them harm.
Driven by desire to protect the only home she knows. Encounters with Rengar’s tribe, the Kiilash, caused the death of her adopted mother. Nidalee decides to travel across Runeterra to avenge her mother while learning more about her true origins.

Nidalee: Human Blood

Nidalee, Kumungu, Dark

Nidalee comes to the rescue of a captured vastaya, drawing blood and giving a dire warning to his human captor. The taste of blood still lingers, and the time for the hunt is now.

Zyra: Updated Bio

Zyra, Kumungu

Zyra originates from deep within the jungles of Kumungu. She travels Runeterra, defending the lands from the blight of mortals by any means necessary.
The plant called Zyra has transferred its consciousness into a human body. When a sorceress appears in Kumungu, the now humanoid Zyra absorbs her powers, deciding to from now on use her new vessel to further her own goals. Zyra, now with newfound vitality, is overcome with rage and contempt at the state of Runeterra. She wanders the world, overrunning settlements and crushing any Mortal that would show disrespect to the lands, always leaving a menagerie of botanical horrors in her wake.

Rengar: Updated Bio

Rengar, Kha’Zix, Kumungu, Void

Rengar lives for the thrill of the hunt. He travels across Runeterra, seeking revenge on Kha’Zix, the Void creature who scratched out his eye.
Void Creature Kha’Zix

Conquering the Jungle: Map Update

Neeko, Nidalee, Zyra, Rengar, Map

Conquer the unconquered jungles of Kumungu with an update to our Map experience. You’ll be guided through stories and into the depths of the jungle as you explore the last unconquered land in Runeterra.

11 months ago

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