The RIP List of 2015

By RiotJaws

League of Legends can often feel like a living creature that evolves right before our eyes. With each change comes new champions, new item combinations to try out, and new strategies to win the game. But change also means saying goodbye (or good riddance!).

Join us in remembrance of the parts of LoL that are no longer with us.

RIP Minion Models - Updated with SRU

Animation by Xenitaph

In honor of their service, let’s raise a glass to those who’ve been our faithful gold generators for six years.

RIP Baron Nashor Model - Updated with SRU

Animation by yeamarc1

Here he is enjoying retirement as the centerpiece to the time-honored “Circle of Life Drain”.

RIP Revive - Removed from the Game

Now even Zombie Karthus can’t worm his way out of this many ultimates.

RIP Deathfire Grasp - Removed from the game

Video Source

It will be missed.

RIP Runeglaive Ezreal - Item changed

Video Source

So much much damage...

RIP Fiora’s Hydra Blade Waltz - Gameplay and Visual Update

Video Source

RIP Gangplank - Gameplay and Visual Update

Animation by MOBALINK

RIP Old Mordekaiser - Gameplay and visual update

Now he haunts the occasional bot lane in search of AD carries and Dragons to enslave.

RIP Indestructible Poppy - Gameplay and Visual Update

Video Source

Nothing inspired terror quite like a fed Poppy waddling toward your team.

Now that we’ve said goodbye to 2015, what are you looking forward to the most in 2016? Let us know in the comments below!

3 years ago

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