Star Guardian In Game Models and More!

By Riot Swimbananas

With even more Star Guardians hitting the Rift, we wanted to make sure you had everything you might need to create your own Star Guardian content! Whether that be making new cosplays, creating stream overlays, or creating the most iconic fan art- we have collected some assets for the newest Star Guardians.  

If you end up using these, make sure to tag @LeagueOfLegends on Social, so we can see what you create!

Game Model Turnarounds: 

Take a close look at all the details, and see exactly what’s going on under those feather capes! Included in this Zip File are the reference photos for Star Guardian Zoe, Xayah, Rakan, Neeko and Prestige Neeko. 

 Splash Art: 

Want to just download all the Splash art? Contained in this convenient zip file is the splash art for Xayah, Rakan, Zoe and both versions of Neeko!

In-Game Special Effects: 

Want to see the skins in motion? Our friends over at Skin Spotlights have made videos going over all the in-game animations and special effects! 





Prestige Neeko

2 months ago

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