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Eclipse Leona Legendary skins trailer

Make them answer to your light with Solar Eclipse Leona and Lunar Eclipse Leona for 1820 RP each (2821 RP for both), or reclaim the wilds as Coven Lissandra and Coven Camille for 1350 RP each.
3 months ago

Leona trailer: Answer To Her Light

The coven has reassembled in the name of the old gods. Eclipse Leona is ready to meet them.
3 months ago

Official skins trailer: K/DA

Leave opponents starstruck with K/DA Ahri, Evelynn, Akali, and Kai’Sa, now touring the store for 1350 RP each.
4 months ago

Dragon Trainer Heimer trailer: Test Your Wings

Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger goes field testing with his fledgling beasts—Pythagoras, Bitey, and Turret Jrs.!
5 months ago

High Noon skins trailer: The Devils Among Us

Draw your weapons: High Noon Lucian, High Noon Thresh, and High Noon Urgot are giving hell in the League store.
6 months ago

A new devil’s in town

Devils live among us. High Noon Lucian, High Noon Thresh, and High Noon Urgot give hell on August 30, 2018.
7 months ago

Making the 2017 SSG Worlds skins

Go behind the scenes of the 2017 Worlds skins, created in collaboration with Samsung Galaxy.
8 months ago

VS 2018 Legendary skins trailer: Where Power Lies

VS returns in the realm of God-Kings. Garen, the absolute judge for his kingdom, and Darius, the caller of war, face off for the ultimate prize: a world of eternal reign, or a world of endless war. You determine who will reign.
8 months ago

Bilgewater 2018 event trailer: Curse of the Drowned

Dark Waters Diana and Vladimir join Pyke on Butcher's Bridge for the Curse of the Drowned Event, starting May 31.
9 months ago

New skins trailer: April Foods Day

11 months ago