Most Recent Skin Release News

New Epic skins: Program Nami and LeBlanc

Secure the future as Program Nami and LeBlanc for 1350 RP each.
6 days ago

New Epic skins: Praetorian Graves and Fiddlesticks

Eradicate dimensions as Praetorian Graves and Fiddlesticks for 1350 RP each.
1 week ago

New Epic skins: Tales from the Rift 2018

Welcome to the spooky intermission for the Worlds Season 2018 Event, featuring Bewitching Janna, Trick or Treat Ekko, and Count Kledula.
3 weeks ago

New Gemstone skin: Hextech Malzahar

Craft oblivion with 10 gemstones.
1 month ago

New Epic skin: Infernal Amumu

He dreams of kindling friendships, but any potential playmates end up getting burned.
1 month ago

New Legendary skin: Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger

Eureka! He’s hatched them. Take the dragon trainer and his fire babies for a field test on the Rift.
1 month ago

Divine Sword Irelia and Enduring Sword Talon

Start your saga as Divine Sword Irelia and Enduring Sword Talon for 1350 RP each.
2 months ago

High Noon Lucian, Thresh, and Urgot

A new devil’s come to town. High Noon Lucian, Thresh, and Urgot are raising hell in the League store.
2 months ago

New Epic skin: Mafia Braum

He’s a man with a heart for gold.
3 months ago

Cosmic Ashe, Lulu, and Xin Zhao

Rule the cosmos with Cosmic Queen Ashe, Cosmic Enchantress Lulu, and Cosmic Defender Xin Zhao, available now for 1350 RP.
3 months ago