Attack of the Demon Poros

By Popstar Urf

In the back of a dimly lit tavern, a 20-sided die soars across a wooden table. As the die lands, four figures lean in to examine the results of the roll...

Ah, a bad roll! The path is blocked and a horde of demon poros attacks our party. Can we survive this onslaught of hellish beasts or will we succumb to their furious might?

Not a problem. I drop an Acceleration Gate and blast ‘em with a Hyper Charge. Our future will be bright!

Come on, man -- try to stay in character. We’ve talked about this already.


*Incomprehensible chime*


What did it just say?


It wishes to know if that last part should be included in the song it is composing about our adventures.

*Incomprehensible chime*


It also wishes to tell you that demon poros are too scary, and could we change to candy poros instead?

Uh okay, I guess... Bard Bard, raise your quill and bear witness! Let us commence battle with the savage *sigh* candy poros.

I know how to handle these creatures!


No. Please don’t--


I drop an Acceleration Gate and blast ‘em with a Hyper Charge. Face the future!


*Writes something down*


Do not put any of this in the song!


*Confused chime*


It says that--


I DON’T CARE WHAT IT SAYS! *Rolls die* Rocks fall; everyone dies. I’m going home.


*Sad chime*

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2 years ago

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