Celebrate the Beautiful Game with the Beautiful Set

By Riot Paradox

Maokai rolls the ball out to Alistar, who boots it down the field. Lucian catches it in stride; he jukes left, spins right, he’s past the defense! He’s got a shot! But wait, Twisted Fate has whistled it dead. He’s back at midfield booking Alistar for a headbutt; this is just like 2006. Gragas doesn’t seem to care though, he’s still going wild!

Each champ skin is 750 RP while you can pick up the ward for 640 RP and the summoner icon for 250 RP (purchasable for 1500 IP until July 13). These skins aren’t Legacy; everything will remain in the store year round.

You can also celebrate the Beautiful Game with the Beautiful Set for 3758 RP (7573 RP if champs needed) from now until July 13! In the Set, you’ll get all five skins at full price but receive the ward and summoner icon for a combined 9 RP.

4 years ago