Elise and Thresh don the Blood Moon mask

By Riot Paradox

A sanguine moon stains a canvas of stars as two figures utter an ancient oath, swearing allegiance. They murmur the final words. Bloody light surges from their bodies. Power courses through transformed veins as masks materialize in their hands. Thresh and Elise embrace the Blood Moon.

Join the ranks of an ancient sect with Blood Moon Elise and Blood Moon Thresh, available now in the League of Legends store for 975 RP each. You can also grab the Blood Moon icon for 250 RP.

Alternatively, snag all five Blood Moon skins plus the icon in the Blood Moon Bundle for 20% off at 3920 RP (7524 RP if you need the champs) until 23:59 PST on January 12.

4 years ago

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