Harvest your enemies with Soulstealer Vladimir

By Riot Paradox


The sounds of splintering wood stir Soulstealer Vladimir from his slumber as his carriage rumbles to a halt. He throws open the door, gliding from the carriage’s velvet interior into the moon’s faint glow. The pale features of his face dance under his amulet’s emerald glow as, step by slow step, he circles around towards his driver, dead in his seat and propped up only by the bolt through his chest.

“Pardon, sire. We’ll be having your purse now.”

Vladimir turns towards three cloaked figures, their swords glinting in the cool moonlight. The one who spoke steps forward, weapon raised. Vladimir sneers. He raises his amulet towards the would-be thieves, unleashing a torrent of spirits that tear through the first man, ravaging his body. The second bandit shrieks, agony etched into his face, as Vladimir pillages his very life force. The final thug’s eyes widen as the Soulstealer turns to him. With a smirk, Vladimir melts into the ground. The man tosses his sword aside and turns to flee, but it’s too late. He falls. Surrounded by the grasping souls of Vladimir’s tortured prisoners, they leech away the last of his vitality.

Reforming amidst the hollow shells of his attackers, a malicious smile spreads across Soulstealer Vladimir’s bloodless face. Four more for the collection.

Harvest the souls of your enemies with Soulstealer Vladimir, available now in the League of Legends store for 1350 RP (on sale for 975 RP through July 14).

5 years ago

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