The hunt is on

By Popstar Urf

Day 21

We tracked the creature until dusk, then made camp for the night. The other hunters are tired and the wounded cannot travel much further, but we must continue. All this death, the agony; it cannot be this meaningless. We will slay it.

Day 35

The beast struck in the night. It moved as water yet its hide was iron. Our spears shattered, our shields cracked. None survived, save me. I’ve burned what was left and set in the direction of the creature. I will kill it or die in its razor teeth.

Day 43

The three hunters came at dawn and robbed me of my destiny. They attacked the beast with weapons and armor shaped from unfathomable monsters. Their strikes were like thunder cast with spinning blades and spiked flails. The unkillable beast, slaughtered by three. The creature that massacred my men, my brothers, felled so quickly. They butchered it and were gone soon after. By the look of the fire in their eyes, a new hunt was on.

Stalk your prey with Beast Hunter Sejuani, Beast Hunter Draven, and Beast Hunter Tryndamere, now gathering in the League store for 750 RP.

3 years ago

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