An official memo from the Dean of the Academy

By Riot BadTofu

Official Academy Notification From the Office of the Dean

The following students are hereby suspended henceforth for poor attitudes, vandalism of school property, and violent behavior in addition to a multitude of heinous infractions too numerous to list. The degenerate students currently facing suspension are as follows:

Academy Ahri

Violations include: Sticking gum on the water fountain, texting in class, charming other students into completing her assignments, and blasting instructors with fox-fire.

Academy Darius

Violations include: Stuffing students into lockers, possession of dangerous weapons on school property, brawling, fighting, scuffling, fistacuffing, and dunking on fellow classmates during gym class.

Academy Ekko

Violations include: Illegal use of chemistry equipment, illegal use of Academy electronics, splitting time streams in order to skip class, and vandalism of Athletics Department property.

Academy Vladimir

Violations includes: Eating a student's lunch and creating an immense strain on our janitorial department after leaving pools of mysterious red liquid on school property.

As of this moment, these students are no longer welcome on Academy grounds for reasons pertaining to the above violations. However, if, out of some bizarre altruism, you're looking to help restore their status, their fines are 750 RP each, and you'll find them anyplace troublemakers frequent, including the League of Legends store.

The Dean

4 years ago

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