Welcome to Primetime!

By Riot Paradox

Draven is ready for Primetime! After taking the world by storm with his fast-paced, caustic commentary, the hot-tempered host wants more. It’s time to show the amateurs how it’s done, and if he gets to eviscerate a few newbs along the way, even better. As if that wasn’t enough, the pugnacious pundit is planning to commentate his own matches while he’s fighting in them. #DravenBigPlays

Primetime Draven will be doing it live after his debut appearance at the LCS London Roadshow on June 21 and 22. And while this skin is most definitely legendary, we’re permanently discounting it to thank you all for helping grow esports as much as you have.

Celebrate esports with Primetime Draven, available now in the League of Legends store for 975 RP.

3 years ago