Client Update Open Beta Now Live

By Cactopus

Starting today, everyone can join the open beta for the League client update.

Download it now (estimated 1.5 GB) to transform your client with the power of hextech. You don't need to go through any application process—just launch League and click the pretty download button when the pop-up appears. If you're already in the alpha, your alpha client will automatically update to beta status.

As we teased last week, the client update open beta is for everybody. The download will appear for everyone launching the game, and if you don't feel like upgrading right away, you'll still have the option to upgrade through your launcher at any point during the beta. Even after you upgrade, you can easily launch the legacy client if you want (see the FAQ for details).

Before you grab the download, you should understand that this is a beta, which means we're still working out a few kinks. The updated client is still missing a few features (like spectator mode) that we'll be adding over the next few patches. It also doesn't yet have some of the flashy animations from the above video. We'll take a few patches to turn things on and make optimizations, so if you decide to upgrade now we'll need you to be patient with us while we work everything out.

Replays are also launching on a region-by-region basis with the open beta. Replays are exclusive to the updated client, so we need players who opt into the client update open beta to test out the feature on our live League servers before they go live for everyone.

The beta period will last until we've successfully integrated and optimized all major features from the legacy client—then it'll simply replace the legacy client for good. In the meantime, we'll keep making tweaks, tuning performance, and polishing visuals.

Finally, as a small thank you for the hard work of alpha testers, we’ve created an exclusive summoner icon for anyone who participated in the alpha. Their feedback and participation really helped us make the client better. If you’ve logged in to the alpha before November 15th, you'll get it!


1 year ago