Big Plays Spotlight: Meteos’ fakeout

By Riot Preeti

Welcome to the Big Plays Spotlight! In this feature, we highlight the most epic plays, from meticulously-coordinated early tower dives to mind-blowing escapes from one side of the Rift to the other.

Last Sunday, in a day of LCS upsets, a Baroned-up Team Coast pushed down top lane at the 40-minute mark, ready to add Cloud 9 to the tally of toppled titans. But C9’s Meteos was ready. Making the most of his full-damage, split-push Nocturne, he tore down Coast’s bot inhib turret before faking a retreat. With the threat of Meteos looming, Coast faced an impossible decision: rush a 5v4 or wait and risk Meteos joining his team under turret. A hasty engage cued a one-man demolition as Meteos shred through Coast’s base while the rest of C9 prevented Coast from backing.

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3 years ago