Big Plays Spotlight: Shiphtur’s surprise Shockwave

By Riot Preeti

Welcome to the Big Plays Spotlight! In this feature, we highlight the most epic plays, from meticulously-coordinated early tower dives to mind-blowing escapes from one side of the Rift to the other.

In the best-of-five promotion series between Team Coast and compLexity Black, Coast was down 0-2 but in complete control of Game 3. As soon as Coast’s Daydreamin landed his Dark Binding under compLexity’s bot inner turret, ZionSpartan and Shiphtur immediately set their sights on the conflict while the rest of Coast baited the drawn-out engagement. Watch Shiphtur’s over-the-wall Flash Shockwave delete compLexity’s main damage dealers for a near-instantaneous double kill.

We’d love to feature your biggest plays, so post a link in the comments below or submit your clip here!

5 years ago

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