Community tournament support levels up

By undangerous

TLDR: We’re releasing an update to the Community Events pages today that makes community-run tournaments easier to create, easier to find and easier to run. Read on to learn more!

Whether you play League to satisfy your competitive cravings or to just relax and have some fun with friends, taking part in community-run tournaments makes League enjoyable in a whole new way. This latest site update makes finding and getting together with like-minded League aficionados easier than ever.

The first thing you’ll probably notice, besides the shiny new graphics, is how easy it is to find the events you’re looking for. Use the filters to find the type of tournament that fits your style and location and click Register. There’s another step or two, but it’s pretty much that easy.

Check out the updated site and sign up for a tournament or create some new events of your own today!

3 years ago