League at PAX East - Download the Minimap!

By ADillonMostDirty

In case you missed our announcement, League of Legends is back at PAX East for 2016! From April 22 - 24, we’re setting up shop at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center to join members of the League and wider video game communities for one of the best shows in gaming!


League Minimap is now available! Everything you need for maximum League at PAX East:

  • Check the League schedule and map of booths

  • Add players you meet instantly to your in-game friends list

  • Complete Quests and be entered to win swag

  • View which community creators you can meet at the show

  • Nominate your own photos or art to be featured on the Community Feed

  • Dive into a personalized Riftwalk experience

  • ...and a few surprises!

What to Expect

  • Experience the League of Legends Riftwalk - an immersive, interactive journey through League’s history, showcasing memorable moments from the last six years, beloved community contributors, and the community that’s made it all possible. Located in rooms #153 A-C. More info below!
  • Watch the best in collegiate competition at the uLoL Campus Series Finals - check out the announcement here for now, and keep an eye out for more details as we get closer to kickoff. Located in booth #1256, PAX Arena.
  • Need to mend a wing or repair a foxtail? Look no further than the League Cospitality Room - here you’ll find an official cosplay photographer, changing rooms, costume repair supplies, and space to rest and take a break with fellow cosplayers. As always, the room is open to any and all cosplayers (and their handlers), regardless of inspiration. Located in room #152, open during show hours only.
  • Hear from some of your favorite community contributors at the Creator Showcase Panel - more than a dozen of the League community’s brightest lights will share their experiences as content creators. Saturday @ 1:30 PM EST, main PAX stage. Roster below!
  • Appear in a special PAX episode of /ALL Chat - join hosts Xell and Jimmy Wong as they catch up with old friends and make brand new ones. League’s community YouTube show will be roaming the halls at PAX and hanging out with League players like you along the way. Even if you’re not attending, this upcoming /ALL Chat episode will guide viewers on a magical journey through the PAX experience.
  • Stay in touch on social media - more details to come, but we’re looking to hear about your PAX experiences on twitter, instagram, and more!
  • Other events
    • Live podcast recording and Q&A with Sp4zie - Friday @ 10:30 AM EST, booth #1256
    • Sp4zie meet & greet - Friday & Sunday @ 2 PM EST, booth #1256
    • League cosplay showcase - Friday @ 5 PM EST (4 PM signup), booth #1256
    • Nicki Taylor performs “Worlds Collide” - Sunday @ 11:20 AM EST, booth #1256
    • League will be pre-installed and available to play during show hours at the CybertronPC Room

Away from the hustle and bustle of the show floor, you’ll approach a mysterious overgrown facade before entering the expansive pathways of Summoner’s Rift itself. The Riftwalk will take you on an immersive, interactive journey and showcase some of the brightest moments and personalities from League’s rich community history. You’ll enjoy photo ops astride legendary locations from the Rift itself, as well as busts, concept art, and cinematics highlighting League's evolution. Finally, amidst celebrations of seminal community content, you’ll have the chance to meet some of the contributors themselves!

We’ve also teamed up with the folks at Stoopid Buddy Stoodios and 4 itchy Tasty! Cosplay to build what’s quite simply the most badass Thresh experience ever conceived. You’ll have the dubious privilege of meeting the Chain Warden in full 12-foot ghostly form and, should you master your fear, taking a photo that places you inside his lantern!

Speaking of badass, it wouldn’t be PAX without the reveal of a new, larger-than-life statue produced by master creature artist Steve Wang, the guy behind previous Ryze, Katarina, and Ziggs statues, as well as the Annie & Tibbers who command the lobby here at Riot Games. His latest creation will feature Lucian in the midst of an epic duel as he continues his quest to purify Runeterra of the undead and cleanse the souls of the Shadow Isles.

The Riftwalk will feature work by:

You’ll also have the chance to get to personally get to know Rioters involved in all sorts of League development:

  • Mike Maurino (Champion Update) | Sunny Pandita (Skins) | Brian Feeney (Game Designer) | August Browning (Champion Designer) | Colt Hallam (Champion Lead) | Brad Wenban (Sr. Game Designer) | Jess Frucht (Creator Support Program) | Matt Dunn (Narrative)

And if you’re not headed to Boston, fear not! We’re so excited about this experience that we couldn’t possibly keep it to just one city - stay tuned for details later in the year as the Riftwalk experience travels to further events around North America.

League Community Creator Showcase - Roster

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