League returns to PAX East

By ADillonMostDirty

April in Boston marks the return of warm weather, when we emerge from a long winter of non-stop gaming and get together for the biggest video game convention on the East Coast -- PAX East! This year, League of Legends rejoins the show with a collection of experiences intended to celebrate the evolution of both the game and the community that’s helped make League everything it is today.

We’ve been incredibly fortunate to see League become a world-spanning community, one built painstakingly over the years thanks in large part to you, the players. Your support is what’s allowed League to grow, to thrive, to welcome more memories and friends than any of us ever dreamed possible. This ongoing journey is the inspiration for the League experience we intend to debut (that’s right, this show is mobile baby) at PAX East.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the show floor, you’ll approach a mysterious overgrown facade before entering the expansive pathways of Summoner’s Rift itself. Join us for an immersive, interactive journey through League’s history, showcasing both memorable moments from the last six years and the community that’s made it all possible. Throughout it all you’ll find celebrations of seminal community content and personalities, as well as the chance to meet some of the contributors themselves!

We’re so excited about this experience that we couldn’t possibly keep it to just one city -- stay tuned for details later in the year as this exhibit travels to further events around North America.

While the exhibit should be awesome enough all on its own, it’s by no means all we’ve got in store for PAX East attendees. We’ve teamed up with the folks at Stoopid Buddy Stoodios and 4 itchy Tasty! Cosplay to build what can only be described as the most Thresh-tacular of photo opportunities you’ve ever seen. Players will enjoy the terrifying privilege of seeing the world from Senna’s point of view -- the inside of Thresh’s lantern (too soon?)!

Of course, it wouldn’t be PAX without the reveal of a new, larger-than-life statue produced by master creature artist Steve Wang, the guy behind previous Ryze, Katarina, and Ziggs statues, as well as the Annie & Tibbers who command the lobby here at Riot Games. Rather than hype it further, we’ll just reveal the subject -- Lucian -- and let you imagine the possibilities. Think about it.

The League cosplay scene at PAX East is always awe-inspiring, and this year we’re happy to support it by bringing back the popular League Cospitality Room. Need to repair a foxtail? Mend a broken wing? We’ll have materials to address any cosplay needs that come up while you’re on the show floor. As always, the room is open to any and all cosplayers (and their handlers), regardless of inspiration, so whether you’re in need of repairs or relaxation just stop by Room #152.

We're excited to be back at PAX and look forward to seeing you there!

PAX East runs from April 22 - 24 at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center in Boston, MA.

3 years ago

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