Riot Returns to PAX

By ADillonMostDaddy

The annual return of PAX West is fast approaching, and with it the chance to revisit an event that’s near and dear to our hearts at Riot. Eight years ago, League made its public debut at PAX, and it’s been our privilege to return several times since to celebrate the continued growth of the League community.

This year, we’re keeping the focus on the community with our headline event - a one-night party (Friday, 9/1) at Showbox SoDo, open to all PAX attendees and co-hosted with a collection of your favorite community creators and personalities. Expect swag, epic cosplay, a whole mess of games, and some never before seen League-themed side projects created by Rioters. We’ll have music throughout, all leading up to an incredible surprise guest performance at the end of the night. Stay tuned for updates on the Facebook event, and plan to show up early!

At the convention itself, any and all cosplayers & crew are welcome to drop by the Cosplay Lounge for some rest or quick repairs. Also, keep your eyes peeled for this year’s featured League cosplay, as a familiar character roams the floor to celebrate a special surprise - announcing Neo PAX Sivir!

PAX attendees will find a Neo PAX Sivir skin code in their swag bag, but players worldwide will also be able to share the experience - for the rest of 2017, Neo PAX Sivir will be available for 10 gemstones exclusively through the Loot system! Owners of the original PAX Sivir skin will also automatically receive both Neo PAX Sivir and a special border for their OG skin. Check out all the details here.

We’re always thrilled to attend PAX, so whether we see you at the party, on the show floor, or simply in-game with Neo PAX Sivir, we’re excited to share the hype with you all!

2 years ago

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