We’re going to TwitchCon!

By Riot zephyr

Hey Twitch streamers, memers, and lurkers! We’re going to TwitchCon 2019 in San Diego, CA on September 27-29. Here’s where you can find us in the sea of purple.

Friday - September 27, 2019

Come find us at the Alienware booth on the expo floor 10 AM - 12 PM PT. We’ll be giving away t-shirts, lanyards, and champion skins to League players as Voyboy streams and shows us those 200 IQ plays.

Saturday - September 28, 2019

Starting bright and early at 9:30 AM, you can watch the NA versus EU Bo3 showmatch as we prove once and for all that NA > EU. Kappa

Here are the teams representing both regions:

Wingsofdeath GoBGG
Nightblue3 ElOjoNinja
AnnieBot NoWay4u_Sir
Yvonnie CarritosKami
Natsumiii DrFeelgood

After a classic clash of the two regions, we’ll return to last year’s “Rumble on the Rift” format with a Bo3 NA streamer showmatch. Here’s who’s playing:

Boxbox Voyboy
Trick2g Nightblue3
Yassuo Shiphtur
xFSN_Saber lolTyler1
Pokimane Lilypichu

Do you prefer Teamfight Tactics to Summoner’s Rift nowadays? We’ve got just the thing for you!

Starting at 9 AM PT on Saturday, we’ll begin sign-ups for all Twitch Partners and Affiliates who want to play in the Open Qualifiers for the TFT Twitch Rivals event. Drop by for a chance to be randomly selected to participate. The Open Qualifier events will start at 10 AM as we find the last few participants for our TFT Finals event, which starts at 3:45 PM PT on Saturday. If you’re not attending TwitchCon, you can watch the Open Qualifier finalists face off against

DisguisedToast, Scarra, Dogdog, itsHafu, Becca, TidesofTime, LotharHS, Wickd, Uthenera, Gotaga, MisterMV, DeliciousMilkGG, Jac0b0, k3sojuu, FujitoraHS, Souless, Keanelol, DarkHydra, and YoDa on the Twitch Rivals channel.

See you at the event or in chat!

3 weeks ago

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