Collegiate Game Changers – Ohio State

By RiotJaws

This is week two of a five-week article series that will be published every Wednesday and highlights some of the best collegiate communities in North America.

The Ohio State Esports Initiative (ESI) is one of the most active collegiate communities in the Midwest and constantly runs dozens of events. From tournaments to social viewing parties to trips to PAX East in matching T-shirts, the ESI delivers awesome gaming experiences for its members.

Collegiate Game Changers – Ohio State

But their organizers aren’t satisfied with just putting on a show. Headed by President Brett Hutton, ESI aims to pay it forward to the next generation of students. Charitable efforts during events help expose children to science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields (STEM), and the initiative has generated thousands of dollars to help their various causes. Ohio State LoL players also collaborate with charitable organizations such as Nationwide Children’s Hospital to give back to their local community.

Another key esports community at Ohio State University is BuckeyeLAN, led by RJ Kucia, which regularly collaborates with ESI while running significant events of their own.

Hosts of the massive LAN party they took their name from, BuckeyeLAN also regularly holds mini-tournaments every quarter to build a strong community through high-quality face-to-face competitive experiences.

Not to be outdone by their counterparts at the Esports Initiative, BuckeyeLAN also gives back to the community through their events. For their first major LAN, the organizers raised money for Child’s Play, a charity started by Penny Arcade that donates consoles and games to hospitalized children.

These Ohio State powerhouse clubs exemplify what it means to be a collegiate organization. Both the Ohio State Esports Initiative and BuckeyeLAN drive player engagement at their school while ensuring their actions go beyond gaming to make a difference in the surrounding community.

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