Collegiate Game Changers: UBC

By RiotJaws

This is week three of a five-week article series published every Wednesday to highlight some of the best collegiate communities in North America.

Collegiate Game Changers: UBC

The University of British Columbia Esports Association brilliantly embodies Vancouver’s friendly and welcoming culture. With a blend of eager leadership and a variety of engagement options for players of any skill level, UBC continues to lead the way in collegiate esports.

Carman “Chiyeuk” Lam, the group’s 2012-13 leader, is the driving force behind the community’s desire to improve…well…just about everything.

Among organizers in the Collegiate Program, Carman was the de facto collegiate mentor this year.  She answered questions and dispensed advice to new players. By constantly pushing everyone in the community to do more and do it better, Carman and the UBC Esports Association leveled up collegiate esports across the board.

The UBC Esports Association is one of the most vibrant and fastest-growing communities in the Pacific Northwest with over six hundred League of Legends players within their multi-game online community.

They keep players engaged with a healthy combination of hard work and delegation. Strong mentors and proactive members help organize regular session to help new players learn the game and vets improve their skills. Even top-notch ranked players have something to learn from the school’s challenger-level ranked 5s team that consistently competes at a high collegiate and amateur level. NA LCS live-qualifier competitor “Cat8” represented his organization during the event.

Their consistent hard work and desire to help players and organizers at the local, regional and national levels cements the UBC Esports Association’s spot as one of the most influential communities of the year and offers a shining example for collegiate organizations everywhere.

For more information about UBC’s community, click here.

For more information about the Collegiate Program, click here.

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