Find viewing parties near you!

By Riot Martlet

What’s more fun than watching League of Legends? Watching with friends! What’s more fun than watching League of Legends with friends? Watching and making new friends! Players all over the world have been organizing events in all kinds of venues to view everything from LCS matches to community videos.

Whether you’re looking to find when and where events are going on, or hoping for some help getting the word out about your event, the Viewing Party hub is here for you. Check out every event we know about, including information on the venue, dates, times or costs to attend.

Or, if you’re the organizing type, you can submit the time, place, and what’s on the viewing slate along with some other basic info and we’ll be in touch to get your event on the map and help out in the other ways we can. Not every event is approved, so visit the FAQ to make sure you’ve provided everything we need.

The interactive map is dynamically updated with events as they register, so you’ll always know what’s happening in your area, no matter where you happen to be. For more information or to submit your next event, check out Viewing Parties today!

3 years ago