Join in the Riot Impact Challenge

By Kushnood

Join in the Riot Impact Challenge and help us support four hard-carry causes in the coming year while unlocking unique rewards.

After scouting potential allies working in social impact, we found four non-profits who care deeply about the same issues players and Riot agree are important. We’re kicking things off with $1 million in donations and a contribution of some of our more unique resources (like Rioter volunteers and industry best practices) to amp up the charities’ impact and tease out sustainable solutions. Join us now at the Riot Impact Challenge site and learn more about the potential rewards!

CoderDojo is aiming to expand multilingual coding and educational content for their open-source coding clubs all over the world. To do this, they’re leveling up opportunities for kids & young people, enabling them to become the next generation of creators.

CyberSmile Foundation wants to develop online education and support resources for gamers of all levels on the importance of empathy, behavioral awareness and positive online experiences.

The Institute of Play plans to create a teacher training program and materials for STEM classes, using game design principles to engage students as they deploy 21st-century skills around critical problem solving, collaboration, and systems thinking.

Mental Health America is developing a platform for anyone anywhere to receive community-driven support for anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues with possible next steps to get informed, get connected, and get care.

To bring the Challenge to more players, we’ve partnered with Omaze. We’ve hooked them up with unique prizes to give away as part of their campaign. There are multiple reward levels depending on contribution, and Omaze is sending five grand prize winners along with their guests to the All-Star Event in Barcelona.

This is kinda like an open alpha for community-facing social impact projects—we’re definitely not locking-in champs yet and there’s a lot of work to be done before we can start climbing the ladder (for example, Omaze is able to open the campaign to a ton of players, but due to local laws, players from a few countries are still ineligible for the grand prize--visit the official rules to check if you’re eligible). Read more about our long-term goals and the orgs we’re working with this year over on

We’re planning to ramp up our efforts over time as we grow and learn, but we’re excited about the possibilities of helping to set the next generation up just a little better for the challenges to come. We hope you are, too. GLHF!

3 years ago

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