Collegiate Game Changers – UC Irvine

By RiotJaws
UC: Irvine – Collegiate Esports Fanatics

UC Irvine boasts one of the most decorated collegiate esports teams in the brief history of collegiate League of Legends. Their team, led by Linh “Reduron” Pham, built a dynasty of back-to-back-to-back IvyLoL National Championships. This dominating mark will likely stand for years to come as the collegiate scene grows.

But many can say that the UC Irvine squad had a secret weapon: They played with 6 players rather than the allowed 5. This “6th player” is their ravenously passionate community, organized largely in part by the club’s president Ernest Chao. If there’s a collegiate esports event within driving distance, UC Irvine doesn’t just bring fans;
they rally an army. Often rolling one hundred deep, this group proudly displays their school colors of blue and gold. Screams of “Zot Zot Zot!” and an accompanying anteater hand gesture (UC Irvine’s mascot) sound throughout the venue. This battle cry is echoed on stream chat through spams of “ZOT ZOT ZOT!” whenever a big play is made.

This passion is indicative of a vibrant community that extends beyond cheering on their elite players. The UC Irvine League of Legends community spans well over five hundred players who coordinate weekly dinners, regular tournaments and social gatherings to make every player of every skill level feel welcome and excited to be a part of the community.

Their diversity of engagement activities and zealous player base of Collegiate Esports fanatics sets them apart from other successful Esports communities. No matter where the event is, they give their team a home field advantage. 

This is week one of a five-week article series that will be published every Wednesday and highlights the best collegiate communities in NA.

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