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End of 2019 Season Twitch Rivals

Come cheer on some of your favorite streamers in the upcoming Twitch Rivals. Featuring drafted teams by 8 team captains, this is the most competitive Twitch Rivals yet. Watch your favorite LCS Academy players and streamers battle it out on the Rift.
1 week ago

Find Your Local 2019 Worlds College Viewing Party!

Colleges across NA are hosting viewing parties for the 2019 World Championship: Finals. Find your closest party here!
4 weeks ago

Submissions Open: $200k Cosplay Contest!

Submissions are now open for the Cosplay contest during Riot’s Nexus event. Submit your cosplays for a chance to win part of the $200k prize pool.
1 month ago

True Damage IRL: A Cosplay Collaboration

Awesome True Damage cosplay drops a straight fire photoshoot!
1 month ago

Phoenix - Carpenter Brut Remix

Carpenter Brut puts a gritty spin on Phoenix.
1 month ago

Senna Community Kit

Everything you need to celebrate the return of the Redeemer.
1 month ago

Ryze’s 10-Year Realm Warp

Greetings, Summoners. Let me take you on a trip through the last ten years of League.
1 month ago

Let’s Go NA: Clutch Gaming

It’s Tanner Time as Clutch go to Worlds as North America’s 3rd seed. Let’s go Clutch, let’s go LCS!
2 months ago

Check out the Comic Contest Winners!

Ready or not, here are the winners of the 2019 League of Legends Comics Contest!
4 months ago

State Farm LCS Summer Finals Cosplay Contest

Check out the LCS Summer Finals Cosplay Contest!
4 months ago