Most Recent Community Spotlight News

Teemo in Space... Kinda

How many aerospace engineering and physics students does it take to send a yordle into space?
4 weeks ago

YASMIX | League of Legends Champ Remix

It's Yasuo, but remixed. Taste the wind!
1 month ago

PAX East cosplay contest & NA LCS viewing party

Visit the Alienware Outpost on Saturday and Sunday at PAX East for League of Legends cosplay, streamers, and an NA LCS viewing party!
1 month ago

Cats VS Dogs Community Art

Community artist Flu brings the cats and dogs action to life!
1 month ago

Creator Spotlight: Jasmina

Jasmina will knock you out with her Lee Sin plays and killer voice.
2 months ago

Kayle vs. Morgana – Who Would Win?

Darkness vs. light. Mortal vs. Divine. The two sisters born from Justice face off in battle. Who do you think would win?
2 months ago

PAX East 2019 Cosplay Contest

In partnership with Alienware, Riot Games will be hosting a League of Legends cosplay competition at PAX East!
2 months ago

Community Comic Collab: Irelia

South Korean comics artist Gronoc explores the fallout from the war between Ionia and Noxus in this awesome fan comic.
2 months ago

Creator Spotlight: Dumplings

Dumplings and the Cantankerous Cavalier!
2 months ago

Words of Legends: What is Pushing?

To push, or not to push: that is the question.
2 months ago