All Chat: The new League community showcase!

By dpadr

We’re launching a brand new show! If you liked Summoner Showcase, you’ll want to check out All Chat.

What’s All Chat?

All Chat is a show for players who enjoy all things League. It’s a web series on a mission: to guide you on an adventure through every corner of League fandom. With every episode, we scour the globe to help you discover hidden awesome—everything from fanart to cosplay to player stories. Your stuff, your show.

When does All Chat premiere?

The show rolled out today on our new NA League Community YouTube channel.

Does All Chat have anything to do with Summoner Showcase?

All Chat isn’t Summoner Showcase, but it embraces what made that show special: a genuine connection with League players and an infectious enthusiasm for everything related to League.

As a way of continuing that legacy, we named All Chat’s core segment “Summoner Showcase” and dedicated it to celebrating all the cool stuff players create.

Who are the hosts?

All Chat draws some of its cast from the League community. Melonie Mac is a well-known YouTuber and streamer. Josh Kim is a video director for Team Curse (and lives in the Curse house!). Most of you know James Patterson as LCS host Riot Dash , but on All Chat he gets to unbutton his vest and unwind.

How can I join the party?

If you or anyone you know is doing something awesome for the League community, we’d love to know about it. Show us your stuff by dropping us a comment on our All Chat Facebook page or submitting your idea here!

4 years ago

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